CHLNet Secretariat

The Canadian Health Leadership Network Secretariat ensures that the strategic directions set by the Network Partners are being observed in between semi-annual meetings of the partners. The Secretariat is comprised of two co-chairs (one each from a national and a provincial/regional partner), up to three liaison members appointed by the Network Partners’ Roundtable, chairs of CHLNet’s working groups, CHLNet senior policy advisor, representative from Emerging Health Leaders, two founding co-chairs, founding executive director and the CEO of the host organization (currently the Canadian College of Health Leaders). The Executive Director of CHLNet sits ex-officio on the secretariat. To view our organizational chart, click here.

CHLNet Secretariat
Gillian Kernaghan and Graham Sher (CHLNet Co-Chairs)
Emily Gruenwoldt, Frank Krupka and Maria Judd (CHLNet Network Partner Liaisons)
Hugh MacLeod and Wendy Nicklin (CHLNet Working Group Chairs)
Graham Dickson (CHLNet Senior Policy Advisor)
Lindsay Burke and Jennifer Pougnet (Emerging Health Leaders)
Elma Heidemann and Don Philippon (CHLNet Founding Co-Chairs, Advisors)
Bill Tholl (CHLNet Founding Executive Director)
Ray Racette, Canadian College of Health Leaders (Host Secretariat)
Kelly Grimes, CHLNet Executive Director (ex officio)

Gillian Kernaghan

CHLNet Co-Chair

    Gillian Kernaghan is President and Chief Executive Officer of St. Joseph’s Health Care, London. Prior to assuming this role, she served as the Integrated Vice President of Medical Education and Medical Affairs for London Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph’s Health Care, London for 5 years. In this role, she had accountability for medical affairs, infection prevention and control, pandemic planning, ethics and academic liaison. In 1984, Gillian joined the medical staff of St. Joseph’s, Parkwood Hospital and LHSC as a family physician. She took on the role of Vice President, Medical Services at Parkwood Hospital in 1993 and for all of St. Joseph’s in 1998 after restructuring. She is an associate professor at Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry and an adjunct professor in the Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing at Western University. Gillian is Past President of the Canadian Society of Physician Leaders and a past Board Member of CaRMS. She serves on numerous provincial and national committees. She is also a faculty member of the Physician Manager Institute of Canadian Medical Association.

    Graham Sher

    CHLNet Co-Chair

       Graham Sher is the Chief Executive Officer of Canadian Blood Services. In this capacity, Graham continues to lead Canadian Blood Services through an extensive, multiyear transformation journey. Under Graham’s leadership, the early phases of this transformation were focused on a comprehensive service delivery model redesign aimed at ensuring safety, adequacy and efficiency of products and services, with a firm focus on innovation. More recently, the organization has renewed its strategy to become a trusted partner in health care delivery. Graham is leading Canadian Blood Services in its work to develop an integrated national system for organ donation and transplantation (ODT), which is being undertaken in collaboration with the broad ODT community, as well as establishing a national public umbilical cord blood bank for Canada. Beyond blood system governance, Graham has a passion for health system design and management and health system transformation, and is active in a number of areas of health system performance improvement. In September 2015, Graham was named by the Canadian Healthcare Network and the Medical Post as one of the 50 most powerful physicians in Canada.