Get Involved

Individual health professionals and organizations can get involved and support the Canadian Health Leadership Network in its efforts to improve leadership in the sector.

As a value network, CHLNet depends on its Network Partners and Friends of CHLNet to support its programs and activities. Each Network Partner agrees to adopt LEADS or LEADS-compatible leadership framework in its own organization and to contribute financially (annual fee) and in-kind to support the network and it objectives.

CHLNet receives no core support from government, although project funding from Health Canada, the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research have been very helpful. Each partner is asked to commit to making annual financial contributions (over a minimum three-year period) to help sustain the core operations of the network.

Our value network is supported by a host organization (currently the Canadian College of Health Leaders) who in turn supports the CHLNet Secretariat.

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Organizations (Network Partner Benefits)
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