Vision & Mission

Vision:      Better Leadership, Better Health – Together.

Mission:   Working together to create value and grow leadership capacity across Canada.

Values:     Trust, reciprocity and transparency.

The Canadian Health Leadership Network’s mission is to grow health leadership capacity in Canada. We have a bold vision that Canada’s health system can be restored as an example of excellence internationally, and that improving the quantity and quality of health leaders in the country is essential to delivering on this mission.

Please see the CHLNet 2020-2022 Strategic Plan for details on how we plan to achieve our vision and objectives. The Plan and additional CHLNet documents are located under our Tools & Resources menu.

Our Philosophy: Leadership without Ownership

We believe no one organization can own health leadership. The evidence suggests that individual health organizations have systematically under-invested in leadership development due to a failure to see leadership as a social good. As a country, Canada must build now focus on the collective organizational leadership capacity rather than individual leadership development.

As we work to expand the leadership capacity of health organizations and realize the full potential of individual health leaders, CHLNet believes that the overall health system performance will improve. This is the driving force behind CHLNet. The network now reaches from coast to coast and across a growing spectrum of professions. We are also forging international ties.