MacNaught–Taillon Leadership Award - 2008 Bursary Recipient

MacNaught–Taillon Leadership Award – 2008 Bursary Recipient

The $1000 bursary that accompanies the MacNaught–Taillon Leadership Award was given to Michael Bowen by this year’s award winner Denis Protti.

 According to Protti:

Not only is Michael Bowen a very bright young man (he achieved an A+ in most of his courses), he is a very pleasant and thoughtful individual. He first came to my attention when I noticed a number of students in class using their laptops. I suspected some of them of “parallel processing” and reading their email while I was lecturing. I later discovered that most of them were part of Michael’s network whereby they were taking notes simultaneously on a Wiki web site he had created. Each participant was color coded and they could dynamically see what notes their peers were taking. They were then able to later study as a group using the notes taken. In subsequent conversations with Michael, I was impressed with his maturity and grasp of issues. He reminded me of a couple of our former students – both of whom are already in important leadership positions. I have no doubt the Canadian health care system will someday come to know the name Michael Bowen.