CHLNet History

In September 2009, the Canadian Health Leadership Network (CHLNet) was formed, supported by 12 founding partners. We had little infrastructure but a bold vision, enhancing health leadership capacity across Canada. Since our inception, our value network has grown to 40 health care organizations from across Canada. Here are a few key documents that brought us to where we are today.

Building Momentum and Diffusion of LEADS Across Canada by Donald J. Philippon. Prepared as background for Chapter 11 of the second edition of the LEADS book edited by Graham Dickson and Bill Tholl, and as reference document commemorating the 10th Anniversary of CHLNet (November 2019).

Canada’s Premier Health Leadership Network: From Concept to Reality (November 2007).

The Canadian Health Leadership Network Learning and Development Outlook: A report on the leadership development practices in the Canadian health sector prepared by the Conference Board of Canada (November 2007).

Strategic Plan, 2009-2012:  This is the original plan developed when CHLNet first started in 2009.

The Leadership Imperative in Publicly Funded Universal Health Systems with a particular focus on the development of the Canadian Health Leadership Network (CHLNet) by Donald J. Philippon:  A Project submitted as part of the requirements for the Fellowship Program, Canadian College of Health Leaders (March 26, 2011).

Genesis of the Leaders for Life Framework by Graham Dickson.

The LEADS in a Caring Environment Leadership Capability Framework: Building Leadership Capacity in Canada to Lead Systems Transformation in Health by Graham Dickson (Communiqué February 2010).