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Created in the fall of 2009 with 12 founding partners, the Canadian Health Leadership Network (CHLNet) is a not-for-profit, purpose-built coalition of 40+ organizations (called Network Partners) 1 formed on the values of trust and reciprocity. Members cut across jurisdictions, policymakers, academics, health associations, regional health authorities, patients, and health disciplines. CHLNet conducts its work via three value streams: Connecting People through Dialogue and Engagement; Advancing Health Leadership Research, Knowledge and Evaluation; and Accelerating Leadership Practices and Capabilities. Specific benefits include:

Dialogue and Engagement

  • Semi-Annual Network Partners’ meetings that provide face-to-face networking opportunities;
  • Preferred pricing at biannual By Leaders, For Leaders dialogue sessions with provocative speakers;
  • Leaders’ Roundtable – creating and sustaining a growing community of practice of health leaders through candid CEO-level conversations and knowledge exchange on current leadership challenges;
  • Publications:
  • CHLNet e-blasts of activities, leadership-related initiatives and news; and
  • Leadership dialogue opportunities such as annual breakfast or concurrent sessions at the National Health Leadership Conference.

Research, Knowledge Mobilization and Evaluation

  • Input into Canada’s first Return on Investment Study on the impact of leadership development.
  • Findings from research including the Partnerships for Health Systems Improvement (PHSI) Final Report and case study reports on Leadership and Health System Redesign in Canada where CHLNet joined forces with senior decision-makers across Canada for a four-year research project.
  • Comparative leadership metrics data and benchmarks such as our nation-wide benchmarking study that looked at the extent of the leadership gap in Canada.
  • Window on relevant research on health leadership in Canada and around the world.
  • Opportunities to set the Leadership in Health research agenda at semi-annual Network Partners meetings and through ongoing working groups (e.g. Research and Evaluation; and Knowledge Mobilization).

LEADS Framework and Tools

  • LEADS in a Caring Environment is a common leadership language that has been endorsed by CHLNet and its partners. CHLNet is a founding partner of the LEADS Collaborative. CHLNet partners with the LEADS Collaborative and supports  leadership development opportunities as it does not have the infrastructure required to deliver programs and tools directly.  It instead serves as a catalyst for their development and distribution.
  • Representation on the LEADS Framework Governance Group by one of the Co-Chairs of CHLNet and the Executive Director – contributing to the ever-greening of the LEADS framework.
  • Representation on the LEADS Operations Council through the Executive Director – contributing to the direction of LEADS products and services.
  • Webinars on leadership development topics including the LEADS capabilities framework.
  • Early warning system on key leadership issues/challenges.
  • Access to LEADS-based leadership development assessment tool.
  • Entry to a leadership development inventory of programs that exist across Canada.
  • Access to the LEADS Collaborative Community for Practice.

Canadian Health Leadership Action Plan

  • Opportunity to provide input into a Canadian Health Leadership Action Plan through semi-annual Network Partners’ meetings and the Health Leadership Action Plan Working Group.
  • Access and input into building a better business case for leadership development (Working Paper).
  • Sharing of leading practices through various forums including e-blasts, roundtables, and other knowledge sharing mechanisms.

Become a Network Partner
Our Value Add provides another overview of CHLNet’s work to leverage up and extend the leadership capacity of organizational Network Partners.  If your organization is interested in being part of CHLNet’s exciting journey, please contact Kelly Grimes, Executive Director, about becoming a Network Partner.