April 2022 – Evidence-Informed Hope

Our COVID Corner continues with our 10th installment Getting to the Other Side of COVID: Is Evidence-Informed Hope a Contradiction of Terms? by Bill Tholl, O.C., M.A., Graham Dickson, PhD, and Maria Judd. MSE. This blog supports CHLNet’s May 5th, 2022, Network Partners Roundtable dialogue under the theme of Shaping the Health System of the Future–Evidence-Informed Hope. The purpose of this ‘primer’ is to help inform a vigorous discussion around the concept of ‘evidence-informed hope’ and the role that leaders can potentially play in putting it into practice.  The authors explore if evidence-informed hope is a contradiction in terms or does it provide a powerful leadership pathway for working together as a community of practice to get through and beyond COVID?  And, if so, what are some of the barriers and some of the basic building blocks for leaders to move forward?