“Ghost Busting” in Health Care

Hugh MacLeod, CHLNet Co-Chair and CEO of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, is now into his second instalment of the “Ghost Busting” series, which are published weekly by Longwoods™ Publishing Corporation.  Their synthesis of Ghostbusting – Series #2 identifies three prominent “system level” priorities requiring attention: 1) Refocusing on the “art” of healthcare; 2) Promoting shared leadership; and 3) Achieving fundamental change within the culture of healthcare. A new synthesis  – Advancing the Art of Healthcare through Shared Leadership and Cultural Transformation is now available.

World Cup and Posing the Wrong Questions – Hugh’s recent article uses soccer as a metaphor for healthcare.

Implementing Leadership in Healthcare: Guiding Principles and a New Mindset (Synthesis of Series #1)

The Ghost of Healthcare Consciousness (Series #2)

Ghost Busting Essay (Series #1)

Forging Complete Questions to Defeat “The Ghost of Healthcare Despair” (May 2012)

The Ghost of Healthcare Despair (January 2012)

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