Leadership Landscape Changing in Canada?

Premiers met in Halifax on July 25-26, 2012 and released From Innovation to Action: The First Report of the Health Care Innovation Working Group. (For more information, see The Council of the Federation website.) In the concluding section, four preconditions of success are identified to support the large-scale change required to translate innovations into action. One of these four preconditions is “Present Leadership”, which is defined to be “…innovations led by people who provide clear vision, champion the change, and create safe environments conducive to supporting an empowered and involved workforce”. (The other three preconditions are: system alignment; whole system involvement; and flexible organizational structure.)

CHLNet is committed to promoting “Present Leadership” innovations. The driving force behind CHLNet is: Better Leadership, Better Health. Could there be a better time, place or circumstance for a concerted approach to developing a Canadian Health Leadership Strategy? If so, what might be the basic building blocks of such a strategy? What role could CHLNet and its 33 partner organizations play in terms of advancing a pan-Canadian strategy, perhaps through the next round of the Health Care Innovation Working Group process?

CHLNet wants to hear from you on these important questions as we put together our new, three-year strategic plan.

Meanwhile, CHLNet will continue to keep an eye on leadership and advancing the innovation in health care agenda. Stay tuned for more regular updates through the blog.

Bill Tholl
Founding Executive Director
August 2, 2012

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