Network Partners' Roundtable - November 3 & 4, 2021

Background Documents:

CHLNet Network Partner Roundtable – November 3 & 4  – Agenda
Doc 1a. Minutes of May Network Partner Roundtable
Doc 1b,c. Minutes of July and October Secretariats
Doc 1d. CHLNet 2020-2022 Strategic Priorities
Doc 1e. Progress Report on CHLNet 2021 Workplan
Doc 1h.  Committee List
Doc 1i. CHLNet Value Add
Doc 2a.  Leading Thru COVID Phase 1 Executive Summary
Doc 2b. HCMJ Article
Doc 4a. Minutes R&E Working Group October 21, 2021
Doc 4b. Minutes Health Leadership Exchange and Acceleration Working Group October 19, 2021
Doc 4c. Leading Thru COVID PPT – To be shared during roundtable
Doc 4d. Healthy Professional Worker Partnership Slides
Doc 4e. October Huddle flyer
Doc 4f. Design Team Bios
Doc 7a. Design Team Slides
Doc 7b. Wellness Tools – To be shared at roundtable