November 1 and 2 Network Partner Roundtable: Recap

Our Network Partner Roundtable was held on November 1st and 2nd with over 62 attendees between the two days and almost all of our Network Partners represented.

On our first day, we held a Leadership Roundtable focused on Evidence-Informed Hope Globally (the focus of our 11th COVID Corner Blog), and led by four panel members. Our panelists included: Dr. Suzanna Fitzpatrick, a Senior Nurse Practitioner in the USA; Dr. Jamiu Busari, an Associate Professor of Medical Education and a consultant Pediatrician in Aruba; Dr. Oren Tavor, a Pediatric Emergency Physician in Israel; and Dr. Daljit Hothi, a consultant paediatric nephrologist in the UK. Our panelists highlighted how despite being around the world we have been facing similar health challenges but to still have hope for the future. 

On day two, we held breakout discussions on the following question; “Based on what you have heard, what are the leadership capabilities for 21st century care that will allow us to lead most effectively?”. The biggest takeaways from these discussions included: focusing on innovation, EDI in the workplace, systems thinking and awareness, socioeconomic factors for health, compassionate leadership, developing and supporting emerging leaders, and self-care. Following the breakout rooms, some updates on CHLNet’s ongoing projects were given, including our Mitacs Grant with McMaster, led by Teresa Chan, on “Accelerating the Healthcare Leader’s Career Pathways”; and our work with CHWN investigator, Ivy Bourgeault, to create an online portal of evidence informed leading practices to address a number of workplace mental health issues. 


We also approved our 2023-2025 Strategic planMaria Judd as our new CHLNet Cochair, Chris Power, Gillian Kernaghan, and Brian O’Rourke as CHLNet Emeritus, and our new Network Partner SWITCH BC