About Us

Canadian Health Leadership Network:

Better Leadership, Better Health Together

The Canadian Health Leadership Network (CHLNet), formally founded in 2009, is a not-for-profit network of 40+ Canadian health organizations (called Network Partners) formed on the values of trust and reciprocity. Members cut across jurisdictions, policymakers, academics, health associations, regional health authorities, patients, and health disciplines. CHLNet conducts its work via three value streams: Connecting People through Dialogue and Engagement; Advancing Health Leadership Research, Knowledge and Evaluation; and Accelerating Leadership Practices and Capabilities.


What We Do

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CHLNet believes that leadership development is a collaborative, life-long pursuit. Through our Network Partners and in collaboration with leading health organizations and experts in the discipline of leadership, we encourage dialogue and information sharing that can further health leadership development goals across Canada. It is through this joint work that CHLNet produces a unique value add to the growing number of individual Canadian leadership initiatives.

Dialogue and Engagement: CHLNet brings together its partner organizations from coast to coast in person and virtually in support of a community of practice to enable open discussion around key health leadership issues, challenges and objectives. Among other activities CHLNet hosts bi-annual Deliberative Dialogue Sessions – informal but candid discussions with senior health leaders. Past guests at these sessions have included government ministers, health journalists and industry experts.

Research, Knowledge Mobilization and Evaluation: CHLNet facilitates or brokers joint work between its Network Partners – encouraging an evidence-based approach to encouraging collaboration across health disciplines. Our organization supports applied health leadership research especially the issue of return on health leadership investment. Read more about Research at CHLNet.

LEADS Framework and Tools: CHLNet provides its partners with ready access to the preferred pan-Canadian leadership capabilities framework and learning platform: LEADS in a Caring Environment.  Over the past few years CHLNet has worked with its partners (especially Royal Roads University, Canadian College of Health Leaders, Canadian Medical Association and Health Care Leaders Association of BC) to develop this framework and to share its knowledge. We continue to support ongoing framework development and the expansion of tools and services through the LEADS Collaborative.

Canadian Health Leadership Strategy: CHLNet believes health organizations must work together to build a better business case for strategic investments in health leadership and for a shared talent management strategy. In collaboration with our partners and others, we are championing the need for Canada-wide strategic development around these issues.

For more information on CHLNet, its services and strategic objectives, we recommend reading the full CHLNet Strategic Plan 2020-2022 and other supporting documents