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(available to Network Partners only)

LEADS Global has provided free access for CHLNet Network Partners to their LEADS Based Self-Assessment. By completing this you will get a PDF output of your unique profile that will guide you in selecting what your domains and capabilities to focus your learning on should be. This tailored feedback will help you discover your unique leadership traits and strengths, enabling you to become a more impactful leader in the world.

Available to Network Partners Only

This inventory was built by CHLNet through contributions of its Network Partners.  Please note that the leadership programs listed in the inventory have not been certified or evaluated by CHLNet and its Network Partners.  In the summer of 2022, the data on these leadership programs was gathered.  To keep our holdings current, please contact us if there are any errors or suggested additions.  Please join us in our efforts to increase the capacity and capabilities of health leaders in Canada through initiatives such as this.

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During the pandemic, organizations experienced a plethora of challenges collected through our action research project. As a result, new leadership practices began evolving that leaders should embrace in transformation efforts. Please see below the resources produced from this endeavour.

LEADS in a Caring Environment (LEADS) framework is a leadership capabilities framework representing an innovative and integrated investment in the future of health leadership in Canada. It provides a comprehensive approach to leadership development for the Canadian health sector, including leadership within the whole-system, within the health organizations, and within individual leaders. 

CHLNet, the Canadian College of Health Leaders, and LEADS Global oversee the strategic advocacy, integrity and renewal of the LEADS in a Caring Environment framework through a steering group.

LEADS Framework Steering Group – Terms of Reference
LEADS Canada Website 

Other Resources: 

LEADS Global is an organization dedicated to sharing, with willing international partners, their experience with using LEADS to catalyze health leadership across the globe. In partnership with LEADS Canada, and led by a team of experienced health leaders, from Canada and abroad, LEADS Global is dedicated to building an understanding of moral and ethical leadership and how to enact it for the betterment of health care across the world.

Bringing Leadership to Life in Health 2020 documents just how important high quality, modern leadership – LEADS– is to health care. Leadership’s job is to integrate services across the continuum of care, create psychologically healthy workplaces, and stimulate people-centered service reforms. The second edition features over 35 new stories of how LEADS has been put to work in practice. The authors have curated well over 200 health-specific research articles on the importance of leadership to organizational and system performance.