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LEADS Framework Overview

LEADS Collaborative / LEADS Canada

CHLNet is a founding partner in the LEADS Collaborative to coordinate the delivery of LEADS-based leadership programs by LEADS-qualified facilitators, consultants and executive coaches.  CHLNet serves primarily as a knowledge mobilizer or “broker”, driving traffic to our network partners, sharing LEADS knowledge and resources, and encouraging partnering organizations to use LEADS-based solutions for leadership development succession planning and talent management for their employees.  CHLNet also plays a lead role in ever-greening the framework and expanding the range of LEADS-based tools available.

LEADS Collaborative Strategic Plan (2015-2018)
LEADS Collaborative Founding Partner Roles
LEADS Framework Governance Group – Terms of Reference – October 2016
LEADS Operations Council – Terms of Reference
LEADS Collaborative Website
LEADS Canada Website
LEADS Across Canada

Learn more about the LEADS Framework and its components

LEADS Genesis (History of the program)
LEADS Brochure (English) / LEADS Brochure (French)
LEADS Key Points (English) / LEADS Key Points (French)

LEADS Executive Summaries / Atteindre des Résultats LEADS

Lead Self  /  Être son propre leader
Engage Others  /  Engager les autres
Achieve Results  /  Atteindre des résultats
Develop Coalitions  /  Développer des coalitions
Systems Transformation  /  Transformer les systèmes

Discover how the LEADS framework can help you become a more effective health leader or promote leadership within your organization.  Contact the LEADS Canada  for more information.